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Including Flat and Folding Ring Rollers

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GRAYS 8ft Water Ballast Roller 8ft water ballast roller. NO VAT  


£ 750.00

TOMLIN 8ft Ballast Roller 8ft Ballast roller, 4ft diameter with end tow kit; when full of water with weigh about 5 tons.  


£ 4,750.00

TWOSE 10.4m Hydraulic Folding Ring Rolls 10.4m hydraulic folding ring rolls with breaker rings.  


£ 5,950.00

BEXTON 9m Hydraulic Folding Ring Rolls  9m Hydraulic folding ring rolls with 24" breakers rings.  


£ 4,850.00

TWOSE 12.4m 24 Ring Folding Ring Rolls 12.4m, 7.8 ton, 24 ring folding ring rolls.  


£ 6,950.00